Monster World 4 Design Document

From the SEGA AGES 2500 collection for PS2 we got the japanese-exclusive Monster World complete collection
Released on March 8th of 2007 it featured every game in the Wonder Boy/Monster World saga released to that point in history
Another 5 extra years had to pass to finally get an official translated release of the incredible Monster World 4 in the Wii’s virtual console

Official Wallpaper released at the time

What makes this collection a seriously good version to play is the extra features, by pressing select in any of the games you can access the system menu which has by default galleries with the official art of the respective game
In Monster world 4 case, though. When you beat it you unlock extra galleries with tons of scrapped content and early ideas for the game
In total it’s more than 130 completely “new” illustrations and 260 pages with written specifications about gameplay, story and designs
Just looking at what it could have been is immensely interesting so please have a look for yourself, the first batch of translations by yours truly

*It’s important to note, I tried to copy Maki Ohzora’s writing style as closely as I could, things will sound vague at times or even incomplete because that’s how it reads in the original

Through the years several pieces of this galleries have been known even for the western fans of Monster World, albeit partially and untranslated it
Perhaps the most popular of the bunch, we have the male protagonist of MW4

Excuse the button icons, they can’t be hid by any means

Although he was scrapped at some point most most stage and location designs show this young man (Known popularly as Eusha, more on that later) traveling in them

There’s also a myriad of unused characters that reveal a vastly different storyline to the one we got in the end

Of all of them this Zanji Zabaar guy is probably the one I wish we had more info about
If you read between lines you can assume what his role could have been since the role is still fulfilled in the actual game, one can’t help but wonder what it could have been

Of course, Wonder Boy in Monster World ended with in a very uncommon and unique way, by revealing the final boss of the remarkably medieval themed game was actually an alien
Monster World 4 was faithful to the lore but dropped entirely any visual representation of alien technology despite the effort put in past games to show beneath of Monster World vestiges of high tech civilizations existed… or crashed into the planet

Hmm? Who’s Miran? He will show up along with other new characters in the next batch

Wonder Boy in Monster World is often praised by it’s non-linear progress and the depth of it’s gameplay mechanics, while some people criticize 4 for the apparent downgrade which while harsh it’s understandable
This design document reveals the plans of keeping these lauded features from WBiMW while adding all the new features 4 ended up having, perhaps the one to blame is the budget but we can’t really be sure at this point…

Final version of the “Map of Monster World” By Maki Ohzora

So, this is only a little taste of the whole 136 pieces illustration galleries in the game
Please download the zip linked before which contains most of it
I’ll immediately start working on the next batch which have quite a bit more text and explain in some detail the state of the world Westone tried to show us originally

Until then!
(Feel free to comment and discuss below)

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